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Pokemon TCG 簡中 莉莉艾的聲援專屬禮盒 - HobbyX Store
Pokemon TCG 簡中 莉莉艾的聲援專屬禮盒 - HobbyX Store
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Pokemon TCG Simplified Chinese Lillie's Support Exclusive Gift Box

Product Information

This product is limited to one purchase per account

Lillie's Support Exclusive Gift Box contains the following contents:

・5 cards with different illustrations, including Lillie (material: paper)

・Lillie's support theme display photo frame 1 (material: polymethyl methacrylate)

・Sun & Moon theme battle card mats 2 pieces (material: polyester fiber, rubber)

・2 sets of sun & moon themed art card sets (material: polypropylene)

・Sun & Moon themed card set storage box 2 pieces (material: polypropylene, polyester fiber)

・【Born Out of the Sky】6 packs of booster packs (25 sheets/pack, He/Cang/Ze/2 packs each) (Material: Paper)

・Sun & Moon theme card storage box/gift box outer packaging 1 (material: paper)

※The cards in the booster pack are randomly enclosed

The legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala jump on the mat respectively.

The art card set freezes the moments of Lillie's intimate interaction with Solgaleo and Lunala respectively. Put the cards into the card sleeve one by one to protect your collection from damage, including 64 card sleeves.

The storage box is designed with Velcro, which is more convenient to open and close, and can store about 180 cards.

The gift box also contains 6 packs of 25-sheet supplementary packs (2 packs for each of He, Cang, and Ze, totaling 6 packs.)
*The cards are randomly sealed, there is a probability to get duplicate cards
*It may not be possible to fight only relying on the booster pack, please use it in conjunction with the starting deck