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refund policy

The return policy applies to online purchases only. Such as store shopping, All goods are non-refundable and non-refundable.

Return and Exchange Instructions :

Most of the products purchased online can enjoy a shopping return refund or return guarantee (subject to the following terms) for 7 days from the date of receipt (subject to the shipping company's delivery signature record). Please contact our company first.
A. The company only accepts the return refund/return request of "the product does not match the order" , and does not accept any human-made replacement requests. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please note that the following reasons do not apply to returns, nor can they be treated as "item does not match order" exchange requests.
- The actual appearance or color of the product may be slightly different from what is shown in the photos, the actual product shall prevail.
- Due to the dimming of the screen or color difference on the computer, there may be slight differences between the actual product and the photo.
- If the customer does not meet personal preferences or the quality is not satisfactory after use, it cannot be returned or refunded.
- Custom-made products, unless the quality is damaged, can not be returned/exchanged, please think carefully before purchasing, thank you for your understanding.
B. The following situations or products do not accept return refund/return return service:
- The product has been received for more than 7 days.
- Due to the delay of the supplier's shipping/delivery date, no refund application will be accepted.
- Product packaging has been opened.
- The product has not been properly packaged, has been vandalized, damaged or is incomplete.
- Any freebies.
C. The replacement product must be returned unopened together with the complete packaging and accessories.
D. The original purchase receipt or related electronic receipt must be presented to the Company before accepting the exchange of goods.
E. If the return request is accepted by the company, but the requested product has been sold out, you can apply for a full refund or choose any product of equal or higher value, and only need to pay the difference in price.
F. If it is found that the returned product does not meet the complete return and exchange conditions, we will send the returned product back to the delivery address provided by the customer before, and the customer must bear the shipping cost.
G.  Overseas order return service: Before the goods are shipped, our store has a special person to carefully check the quality. If the customer is still dissatisfied with the goods, he can pay the shipping fee to return the goods, and contact the store to arrange a refund. The round-trip freight for this journey is the responsibility of the customer.
H. Before placing an order online, please ensure that the recipient’s name, recipient’s phone number, and delivery address are correct. If you provide wrong information, you will be responsible for the delay in picking up the goods and the cost of third-party theft.

Pre-ordered products and discounted products cannot be refunded.

return method : Bring the goods to the store in person or send them by SF Express (customers need to pay the relevant freight)

Mailing address
Recipient: HobbyX Store
Receiving address: Room 02, 20th Floor, President Commercial Building, 608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Contact number: (852) 6xxx 0525

address: Room 02, 20th Floor, President Commercial Building , 608 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Contact number: (852) 6xxx 0525
Office Hours : Monday to Friday 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm Saturday to Sunday 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

HobbyX Store reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

In case of any dispute, the The decision of HobbyX Store is the final judge.